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In legend the earth was the mother of a good vine. Somewhere along the way the vine sank into the soil, lost in time. The South Mountain began to feel saddened by the silence, which was home to the peace and grace of an earthly paradise.  The sea acknowledged the longing taking over the land, and drove inspiration to the shores through a traveler filled with wonderful ideas for a small island. Quietly after sunset he worked, planting the vine, tending to its every need, watching it grow and thrive.  The roots drank the deepest soils. The earth sang, the mountain, the vine, and the sea were one again whole.

The Southern Terroir, a story of complicity that ends with stunning fragrance and the scintillating taste of the vine.  With wine revered by all of those whose lips met the bay’s splendor.

Five hundred years later, in this unique and intimate land, the vine that wished to see the sun grows again today.

Historical research found the special relationship between the geographical area where our vines grow and bring life to the OCOBAY wines and the beginning of the colonial wine production in the American continent. This knowledge, completed with evidence dating from five hundred years ago, is merged with the special care that every day our dedicated collaborators put into their work inside the vineyard.

In our tasting room you can enjoy our exclusive wines and exquisite tastings made of a special selection of unique products locally made.

Tasting roompopwGrapes grown to perfection in the vineyards 

Our vines play among the natural landscapes, creating a unique connection between mind, body and soul.  Abundant oleanders paint the landscape with the vivid beauty of the sunsets within each blossom.

Vinos-Ocoa-Bay-1450 acres – Community of the Vine – 100% sustainable. 

Nourished by the sun South of Santo Domingo Island the warm waters of the Caribbean lap peacefully, protected by lush lands and history buried beneath 500 years.

Gently encouraging the ancient mysteries and legends to flourish in Ocoabay is the first Vineyard Resort of the Caribbean. An intimate space merging nature with the community and fostering natural well being.

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The exclusive sustainable residential environmental promotes a thoughtful development, keeping nature thriving, encouraging harmony in life.

Discover the land in between mountains where the vine came to life, and taste the grape, which surprised the world.

OCOABAY preserves the natural wellbeing of the environment by protecting plants, like the majestic guayacán, bayahonda, baitoa, almácigo, lantano, carga agua, palo amargo and palo de chivo trees, amongst others. These decorate the lands and create unique spaces within the dry tropical forest microclimate.

As the only portion of the Cordillera Central mountain range that meets the Caribbean Sea, this community location is hugged by the Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó National Park. Like a natural wall, we are protected by the exclusive and secluded botanical environment.

Some of the main characters of the rich vegetation and lush gardens are also present thru the systematic plantation of more than 100,000 guayacán and other perennial hardwood trees. Ocoabay encourages the development of endemic flora, most of which has demonstrated to have renowned medicinal properties.

By preserving the predominant cactuses and succulent plant species in the area, we promote the flora and fauna proliferation. A vast number of animals such as bees, birds, and reptiles choose their home inside this magical land and find here a safe shelter. Ocoabay nourishes the ecosystem and creates a perfect balance.

As marine life grows hand in hand with our community, we take special care of the coral reefs surrounding our project, where the fragile fauna like turtles and lobsters is harbored.


In 2009, as a response to the need of integral development among the communities of the Ocoa bay, we created Bienestar Bahía de Ocoa Foundation.

Thru the management of developmental programs for the education, fishing, agro and arts and crafts fields, we dedicate our hard work so the Bienestar Bahía de Ocoa Foundation can identify the extraordinary potential of the neighboring communities’ inhabitants, such as the people from Hatillo and Palmar de Ocoa.

The experienced production of fruits and vegetables of our ecological farm is of the highest quality. Peppers, papaya, figs, plantains, and lemons, as well as organic honey made from vine leaves and dry forest, are part of the project. Aromatic species that grow inside our own greenhouse are also available.


As we bring the Community of the Vine to life the first phase guides you from one of two heliports or parking section to the beautiful entrance where our electric shuttles take you to the heart of Ocoa Village with its amphitheater, garden fresh restaurants, and shimmering bayside pool.

Resting above the village in the Vineland fields the tasting room offers breathtaking views of the mountains and water.  Guests become residents picking their private lots building their custom Ocoa villas.


From the magnificent Guayacán tree, the song of birds blend in the breeze welcoming you with brilliant blue skies, which cast diamond glints over the moving see. With Sunsets radiating like a magnificent oil painting of color over the water’s horizon. Giving you a place to enjoy the afternoon and evenings with friends, and a chance to savor the sunsets captured in your glass of wine.


Hidden along the mountainside overlooking the majestic Ocoa Bay, private villas offer serenity amongst the ever-blooming landscapes. Lounge in your garden, swim your private pool or read overlooking the vineyards and sea below.

The architectural proposal of OCOABAY pays tribute to the natural veranda that defines the area, as the rustic-contemporary style of the villas working in harmony with the natural landscape.


Luxurious secluded OcoaBay picturesque hotels and wellness programs pamper people from around the world.

The town center is home to residential buildings, private villas, boutique shopping plaza, amphitheater, botanical garden, beach, marina, piers, restaurants, pools, heliports, tasting room, winery, and garden lawns.