A Simple Twist of Chocolate


Time capsules and hidden treasures thoroughly engaged young Ariel’s attention. The thought of preserving special moments, objects, or ideas for years beyond her death intrigued and excited her, so jumping from the lowest branch of the old sycamore, landing quietly just outside her parents’ room she took off into the darkness. Long shadows were cast by ancient maple trees in the full moon’s night; catching a glimpse of the white nightgown running across the field. In the woods, a pine tree with its root exposed like a weathered elbow sat near an abandoned miner’s shack. Taking to her knees, damp soil clung to the buried Mason jar. Beneath the weathered lid, she placed an envelope, a plea for help. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, deep within a tropical rainforest, a small reminisce of legend grew. Reaching for the sun, it clung to its fading existence. Little could anyone have guessed on that night, as Ariel knelt beneath the cool evening stars praying for her own life, a confluence was set, planting the seeds toward the Chocolate Syndicate.

Like any magnificent recipe, The Chocolate Syndicate masterfully blends together the flavors of truth and fiction… To protect individual privacy names have been changed. The Chocolate Syndicate has an anticipated release date in the fall of 2018

COMING SPRING 2018: The Book of Buried Letters is a compilation of the actual letters buried in jars that were unearthed over thirty years later… 




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